1. What are the recommended feeding guidelines on our treats and chews?

  • Always monitor your dog while they are chewing or enjoying any edible products and have fresh water available.
  • Please introduce your pet to any new protein by giving them only one new protein a day.
  • We recommend that you introduce a new treat by only giving your pets 1-3 small pieces the first few days.
  • We do not recommend leaving your pet unattended with any treats or chews from any brands- pleased always monitor your pets if they are consuming anything that is edible!

2. What is the best way to store our treats and chews?

Please zip seal the bag after opening. All treats will last up to 6 months if sealed after opening, and 1 year if kept in the freezer. Because our treats and chews contain NO preservatives or additives, we recommend consuming our products within 6 months to maintain optimal freshness. Please store all treats and chews away from direct sunlight and in cool temperature rooms. All treats and chews are made fresh in small batches- ensuring the finest quality. There are some chews that is best consumed within 3 months- if that is the case we will have an extra storage sticker on those bags. 

3. What should pet parents be aware of prior to feeding our treats and chews?

Please ensure that your pet does not have allergies to a certain protein prior to feeding. Please feed all treats and chews in moderation- our products can add a boost to your pets’ diet, but it is not a complete meal replacement nor is it a substitute to a balanced diet.

4. Where do you source your proteins?

We source our proteins from the following countries: Thailand, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, France, Australia and New Zealand. 

5. How do you make the treats and chews?

All of our treats and chews from Munchkin Snacks are handmade and gently dehydrated in small batches. We started Munchkin Snacks in back in Toronto, and we spent approximately 2 years in developing the best technique to produce the finest quality treats and chews that are up to our standards simply because our pets deserve the BEST!

6. What do you mean by using all human grade proteins for your treats and chews?

All of our treats and chews are made using human grade proteins- this means that we only source proteins that are made for human consumption. We are not using ANY meat byproducts or unwanted cuts of meat that are often unprocessed and sent to be used in kibble production.

Essentially, we buy the meats that we use for cooking and making our treats at the same store and meat suppliers. Since our meats are human grade, sometimes we eat the jerkies too- because it contains zero preservatives/additives, no seasoning and they taste delicious!

7. What are some fun and interactive ways that pet owners can use our treats and chews with their pets?

Our treats are hand cut into easily breakable pieces or bites so that you can use them easily for fun, daily training sessions. You can also bury some treats and chews into your dogs and cats' beds, so that they can sniff and find the treats! This makes for a great game for dogs and cats- and encourage mental stimulation and makes eating fun for pets!

8. What are some ways pet owners can use our treats and chews to correct unwanted behaviour in their dogs and cats without using strong verbal cues?

At Munchkin Snacks, we encourage using our treats and chews as a form of behavioural training and therapy with your dogs and cats. This is part of our vision to be as holistic possible. We explain how to use specific treats and chews (essentially food stimulation) to help correct certain unwanted behaviours in pets such as recall, focusing on the owner, unwanted barking, excessive peeing, crate training, or aggressive behaviour due to anxiety or trauma. We believe with great quality treats and chews, along with a lot of love and patience, any unwanted behaviour can be changed. 

For instance, because our liver treats are a secreting organ, it smells significantly stronger than our other muscle organ treats. Therefore, we always recommend using liver treats to rectify any specific unwanted behaviour. By using liver treats as a high value reward, your pet will associate this treat with the following mentality, "if I listen to my pawrent and not do this behaviour or stop when asked to, I get rewarded with this specific delicious treat"! Pets are also more willing to listen to their owners, when the owner has good treats, patience, love and a firm voice.

This is just one of many methods that we encourage our customers to use the treats when it comes to behaviour training. Also, because our treats and chews are ALL natural- even pets who are picky eaters will find a treat/chew from us that they will be particularly driven to.

7. How much is shipping?

FREE shipping is available on orders $400 HKD and up using SF Express Tracked Delivery or Courier drop off (on HK Island)

Otherwise, for orders less than $400 HKD Shipping rate starts from HK$30 using SF Express Tracked Delivery. 

7. Which areas in Hong Kong do you ship to?

We offer shipping to anywhere in Hong Kong. 

8. Do you offer international shipping?

We do offer shipping to USA and Canada. However, please contact us directly at munchkinsnacks@gmail.com or on Instagram at @munchkinsnacks for more information. Unfortunately, because we are a small business, we are not able to offer free shipping on international orders. 

9. Will I be able to ask for an exchange or refund?

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. In the event that you are not satisfied or there are issues regarding the quality of the product, please contact us via munchkinsnackswebsite@gmail.com and we'll be happy to work out a solution with you!

For all other inquiries, please shoot us a message on IG @munchkinsnacks or email us at munchkinsnackswebsite@gmail.com