Munchkin Snacks is a product of LOVE.

Zeke is my first ever dog of my own- naturally, he became the love of my life the minute I brought him home in Summer, 2019. Zeke inspired me to grow as an individual, taught me patience and how to love. As all pet parents know, there is no love that is quite like the love you can have for your fur babies. Naturally, when you love your dog so much, you want to feed them the best food and treats possible so that they can live a happy, healthy and long life

Zeke was getting sick a lot with the kibble and treats that were store bought even when I was buying single ingredient treats. Therefore, I started researching into pet nutrition and realised that I’d like to be as holistic and natural as possible. This means providing the most natural and fresh food and treats for Zeke— I couldn't find good quality and well made treats for Zeke that I felt comfortable feeding him, so I started making my own treats and chews for him.  It took me almost two years to develop and perfect the technique for dehydrating my treats and chews to the finest quality without any preservatives or additives. Shortly after, I began Munchkin Snacks, and started providing a variety of treats and chews for my amazing customers and their dogs and cats in Toronto!

I relocated back to Hong Kong in late 2020 and took a break from Munchkin Snacks due to personal and medical reasons. In early December 2021, I relaunched Munchkin Snacks again full time- and ever since it has been the most rewarding and amazing experience of my life. I could not have chosen a better life and career path, and I believe that when your pets try my treats and chews, they will be able to feel the love and quality that I offer.

Zeke inspired me to quit my career in digital and UX marketing and start Munchkin Snacks— this is not just a job for me, it's a passion. With Munchkin Snacks, I hope to encourage more pet owners to be more involved with their pets' diet and their training so we can give our dogs and cats the best possible gift we could offer: happiness through holistic training methods and healthy snacking. I hope that with trying Munchkin Snacks treats and chews, you and your pets can feel the love, care, time and effort that I put into my products- because our pets deserve the world!

Let's love our pets better with treats and chews and give them the best that we can give.


Steph and Zeke