Pig Ear Chews

Pig Ear Chews

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CONTAINS: 1 Pig Ear, Halved into 2 PCS 

Gently dehydrated in small batches with LOVE in Hong Kong.


SUITABLE FOR: Dogs over 4 months old of any breed.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: Pig ears are made of mainly cartilage and glucosamine, making it an optimal chew option that helps maintain healthy joints. Pig ears are also considered a gentle chew option compared to other tougher chews, making it easier to digest and a good option for puppies who are still growing their teeth! It also helps naturally clean your dog's teeth!

FEEDING GUIDELINES: Always monitor your dogs and cats while they are chewing or enjoying any edible products and have fresh water available. We recommend that you introduce a new treat by only giving your pets 1-3 small pieces the first few days. Please introduce your pet to any new protein by only giving them only one new protein a day.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please zip seal the bag after opening. All treats will last up to 6 months if sealed after opening, and 1 year if kept in the freezer. Please store all treats and chews away from direct sunlight and in cool temperature rooms. All treats and chews are made fresh in small batches- ensuring the finest quality.

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure that your pet does not have allergies to a certain protein prior to feeding. Please feed all treats and chews in moderation- our products can add a boost to your pets’ diet, but it is not a complete meal replacement nor is it a substitute to a balanced diet.