Turkey Breast Jerky

Turkey Breast Jerky

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CONTAINS: Hormone Free Turkey Breast Jerkies- 70G

Gently dehydrated in small batches with LOVE in Hong Kong.


SUITABLE FOR: Dogs and cats of any breed over 2 months old, especially suitable for dogs and cats who are allergic to chicken.

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: Our Turkey breast jerkies are a lean meat that is low in fat and calories, but high in protein! It is a highly digestible meat option that helps promote weight loss in overweight dogs and cats. Turkey contains a rich source of protein, phosphorus, and riboflavin. It's a highly digestible protein source for dogs and cats, also helping them with muscle growth. It is also considered hypoallergenic, being one of the prime protein sources for pets who suffer from protein or skin allergies, or have sensitive stomaches. 

Compared to chicken, which is the most popular protein option for pets in mainstream pet food and treats, turkey contains fewer calories, cholesterol and sodium with higher iron and protein content. Therefore, turkey is an amazing protein alternative for dogs and cats who are allergic to chicken! Turkey also contains good levels of taurine— which is an essential amino acid that cats cannot produce on their own. Taurine promotes digestion, heart muscle function and a healthy immune system. 

Our turkey breast jerkies are cut into chip like sizes that can be used as a high value snack, for long training sessions and can also be easily broken into tiny pieces to be used as a meal topper for picky eaters, or to add a fresh food boost to your pet's meal.

FEEDING GUIDELINES: Always monitor your dogs and cats while they are chewing or enjoying any edible products and have fresh water available. We recommend that you introduce a new treat by only giving your pets 1-3 small pieces the first few days. Please introduce your pet to any new protein by only giving them only one new protein a day.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please zip seal the bag after opening. All treats will last up to 6 months if sealed after opening, and 1 year if kept in the freezer. Please store all treats and chews away from direct sunlight and in cool temperature rooms. All treats and chews are made fresh in small batches- ensuring the finest quality.

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure that your pet does not have allergies to a certain protein prior to feeding. Please feed all treats and chews in moderation- our products can add a boost to your pets’ diet, but it is not a complete meal replacement nor is it a substitute to a balanced diet.